We are a small team of award winning and Trade Qualified Painters and Decorators.

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Rick - Principal

Rick learnt his trade from his Father Anton Maier who came to Australia as a painter on the Snowy Hydro Project.
Anton established a reputation for exceptional quality and customer service. It is these values that Rick instills and builds upon with his own staff.

Never happy with "that's how it's always been done", Rick is always pursuing new innovations to lead the industry.

When not on the brush Rick loves spending time with his family, fishing rod, skis or any combination of the above.

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Owen - Foreman

Meticulous and hard working, Owen is the get it done man.
Owen has the ability to get the whole crew working harder, without ever having a harsh word to say.

Owen’s spare time in 2014 was filled by Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Driving a hot lap in a V8 Supercar, bungee jumping in NZ and growing a truly horrid moustache for Movember.

Absolute cricket tragic (worships the West Indies)
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Ethan - Painter

Loyal and dependable.

With the bulk of his apprenticeship behind him Ethan is well on his way to becoming a great painter, which is a good thing, because he makes a terrible coffee.

He is loving the fact that he now has apprentices under him, and can regularly be heard offering the sage advice of … “when I was just starting out…”

In a word, Cars (Ethan is a Holden man)
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Liam - Apprentice Painter

The mumbler

Liam first started his apprentice life as a Cabinet Maker, before seeing the light and becoming a Painter. Liam is somewhat of an oddity as a apprentice, in that you can tell him something once and he actually understands and can put it into practice.

Liam loves his music festivals and boy can this kid dance.
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Chris - Apprentice Painter

The artist.

In what is becoming a theme, Chris started out as an apprentice plumber, who could blame him for wanting to become a Painter. As a second year plumber, Chris has well and truly got the hang of what being in a trade is all about. He has quickly found his place in the team and gets down to the task at hand.

A budding sketch artist, I’m sure we will be able to put his finer art skills to good use.
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Alex - Trade Assist

Alex is our Trade Assist/Labourer which basically means he does all the horrible jobs that no one else wants to do. But hey someone has to, and as long as it’s Alex everyone is happy.

Outside of work Alex is a rugby player with Royals and the Brumbies Development Squad
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Michael - Painter

Michael was our original apprentice and stayed with us for 7 years. He took an extended break to climb Mt Everest (Base Camp), get engaged, build a house and work for a company that saw him dangling from ropes off high rise buildings.

He returns to the less treacherous heights at Paint Plus with the same passion, drive and approachable demeanour.

With equal loves of Rugby and Knitting (no not really), Michael is never short of an interesting story.
Dulux Accredited Canberra

House Painting

Why risk it? We are Trade Qualified Painters. We win awards because we do our job well and we are Dulux Accredited Painters, offering a 5 year Written Workmanship Warranty, and free colour consultation.

Commercial Painting

Body Corporate Painting, Office Building Painting, Shopping Centre Painting and Utilities Painting, we paint them all.


Gone are the days of daggy old wallpaper. These days wallpapering takes on many beautiful and amazing forms.

Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete floors can be beautiful, safe, clean and bright. Using Dulux Protective Coating we can transform your concrete floors.